Referring Provider Reviews

An integral part of your treatment team is often your dentist or other professional that referred you to our office for treatment. In many cases, patients don’t realize they need to see an oral surgeon until their dentist or other healthcare professional tells them. This is why we encourage all of our patients to visit their dentist for regular checkups, as they are trained to look for signs and symptoms of conditions that you may not recognize.

We are extremely grateful to all of the professionals who refer their patients to our office for treatment. We consider ourselves lucky to work with such a great group of colleagues to find oral health solutions for their patients, and we appreciate every referral that is sent our way. If you’re interested in hearing from our referring providers about why they choose our office and why they enjoy working with our team, please watch the videos below.

I’m a big believer in patient-oriented care, and I’m a believer in a team approach, and there’s nothing better than having a group of individuals that have a similar philosophy on how to get an individual to their optimum state of health in a caring, charismatic environment. I will refer anything from multiple extractions, complicated third molar extractions, and I really enjoy working with the Central Mass oral surgeons on the more complex cases. I have sent many family members here. My own daughters have had their third molars removed. There’s no doubt. I couldn’t think of anywhere else to send my family, my patients, and even if I ever needed their services in the future, this is the only place that I would ever refer.

~Dr. Gianino

I refer my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery because in many instances, as a general dentist, I need the help and the experience of an oral surgeon. The staff is extremely professional, and the treating physicians treat the patients in a very kind manner. Dr. Colarusso did an implant on my wife, which became very successful. And my kids had their wisdom teeth taken out here. There’s no other office that I would rather send my patients to or want to send my patients to.

~Dr. Tourigny

I’ve been sending my patients here for the past 10 years, and usually, in real life, you cannot please everyone, but let me tell you, not even one complaint so far. My patients are very happy, and that makes me happy too. What makes Central Mass Oral Surgery different is three things, in my opinion — first, they’re up to date with technology, and they provide a great continuing education program. Second, they accommodate my patients constantly, on a daily basis, and I do mean a daily basis. Third, and most importantly, they care about my patients. On top of providing excellent service for them, they follow up; they make sure everything went well and as excellent as possible. I don’t only send my patients here, I send my family members — my kids, my wife, my cousins, my relatives — and I’m myself their patient. They have great facilities, great staff, and I always feel welcome here. They’re just like a part of my family.

~Dr. Nassar

I care about my patients. I care about my referrals. I refer them to people whom I trust and whom I know will do a good job and service the patient well. I think we have pretty good communication between their office and my office, and they’re very receptive to our needs and our patients’ needs. My patients always have positive things to say and a positive experience. I think when they come back, they’re kind of surprised with the lack of anxiety after the treatment and just how smoothly it went. I just don’t hesitate making any referrals here to any one of the guys. People ask me sometimes, “Well, there are three surgeons in the practice; who can I see?” It doesn’t really matter. You can see whoever you want. They’re all fully competent, and you’ll be treated well by any one of them.

~Dr. Dymek

I have had a wonderful experience in referring my patients to Central Mass over the past seven years. They have nothing but glowing reviews then they come back, not only of the facility but of the docs and the staff. I send most of my extractions, implant cases; certainly, any lesions that I find suspicious, I will have them review. I have Central Mass as a neighbor to my office, so we actually are able to go back and forth between offices, and they have, on several occasions, come to my office to see patients in the chair. My young daughter — she’s 7 — she needed four baby teeth taken out. My wife actually accompanied my daughter, and she had nothing but kind things to say about the facility, about the staff. I absolutely plan to continue referring my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery. They are an invaluable resource to me, and we are lucky to have them as part of our dental community.

Dr. O’Brien

I refer my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery because I know they’re going to handle the case perfectly every time. We refer all our wisdom teeth extractions, full mouth extraction cases, and all our implant cases. Anytime we have any questions about a suspicious lesion or anything like that, they’re a great resource to send the patients and have a second set of eyes on it and get another opinion. Our office works pretty seamlessly with CMOS. We share X-rays on the collaborator — patients don’t need to get extra X-rays — and I email the doctors directly to go over treatment plans. All the doctors — they’re very well educated, very friendly; they take very good care of all their patients. I plan on continuing to refer my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery.

~Dr. DiNinno

I refer my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery because they provide a high level of care, and they’re very compassionate towards my patients. I refer all types of cases to Central Mass Oral Surgery. They do a lot of implant cases for us. They do extractions, wisdom teeth, even if we just have a question on a lesion, they’ll definitely be happy to take a look at it. It’s great to work with Central Mass Oral Surgery on a team-based approach. They definitely are always available to take my call and help us out and work together to achieve a common goal. My patients, when they return from Central Mass Oral Surgery, are always very happy with the quality of care that they receive. They’re very, very happy with how compassionate they are, how understanding they are, and they really help them every step of the way. I definitely refer my family to Central Mass Oral Surgery. They definitely take very good care of them, and I will continue to do it in the future. The surgeons at Central Mass Oral Surgery are great. They’re highly skilled, they do a great job, and I’m definitely lucky to have them as my referring oral surgeons.

Dr. Bruneau

I refer my patients to Central Mass Oral Surgery because I know they’re going to treat my patients the way I would treat them, and I know whatever I get back has always been perfect. The team-based approach that we have with CMOS is really simple and coordinated by their staff and our staff seamlessly. When my patients come back to the office after a procedure here, whether extractions, wisdom teeth, implants, I never have had a complaint. They always come back satisfied with the facility, the surgeons, the staff. I highly recommend them. They’re wonderful people individually, personally, professionally. Staff’s always been great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

~Dr. DiNinno Sr.