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A patient can require a tooth extraction procedure for a variety of reasons. Here at Central Mass Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons extract teeth due to extreme decay, damage, facial trauma, or other oral health complications. Drs. Colarusso, Baran and Kobakov are all experienced in the removal of teeth. In some cases, our oral surgeons will meet with you for an oral exam and consultation to review the treatment plan before deciding on an extraction procedure. The removal of teeth can lead to other oral procedures including placement of dental implants or a full-arch prosthesis (denture). Tooth extraction procedures are a last resort, as our oral surgeons work hard to keep as many of your original teeth in place as possible. When a tooth extraction is necessary, Central Mass Oral Surgery makes it our priority to restore your oral health and confidence in smiling.

Common Causes for Tooth Extractions

A few conditions that can lead to an extraction of multiple teeth are dental crowding, periodontal disease, and tooth decay.

  • Dental crowding may develop when teeth begin to grow or erupt into a jaw space that is too small. These teeth can become impacted if they are unable to reach full development when emerging from the gums. In other cases, extra teeth grow into the mouth and require an extraction so that the other teeth can grow in properly.
  • Periodontal disease is gum disease that can affect the tissues located underneath and around your teeth. This type of infection can lead to tooth loosening and eventually an extraction procedure.
  • Tooth decay often develops in patients who are not able to maintain proper oral hygiene habits or regular checkups with their dentist. In some cases, illnesses can cause severe dental decay. When caught late, tooth decay can lead to an infection that can spread to other parts of the mouth, leading to additional oral complications.

Our office is available to assist you in scheduling your consultation with our oral surgeons at your earliest convenience. If you or your dentist notices one of the conditions above, don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices.

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Tooth Extraction Procedure

We will discuss your anesthesia treatment options for your procedure. If the tooth extraction procedure is complicated or requires the removal of many teeth, we may require the use of anesthesia or additional procedures, such as bone grafting, to preserve long-term oral health.

Extractions are in-office procedures that take less than an hour. After administering anesthesia to prevent any discomfort, your surgeon will rock the tooth back and forth to loosen the tooth before removal. Sometimes the surgeon will break the tooth into pieces to make the removal process easier. We often perform restorative procedures, such as dental implant placement, immediately following the extraction or after a healing period.

Tooth Extractions at Central Mass Oral Surgery

Our team in Leominster, MA, and Gardner, MA, understand that a tooth extraction procedure can be an emotional step for patients. At the end of the day, our oral surgeons’ highest goal is to restore the patient’s full smile and oral health. We invite you to call our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your restorative options following an extraction procedure.

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Courteous, professional and friendly at all steps of the visit Follow up the next day also professional, complete and friendly

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Very clean office. The staff are all very pleasant and helpful. The doctor was informative and I felt very comfortable with him.

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Professionally run operation with great staff etiquette. thank you guys


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Start to finish top shelf service.

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I would highly recommend CMOS to friends and family. I had one little glitch, but when i called the office about it after my procedure it was taken care of immediately. I had filled out the pre- registration form saying that I am somewhat allergic to makes me vomit. My prescriptions were filled for Hydrocodone, which unbeknownst to me is actually Vicodin. My son told me. I called the office and asked to please switch it to Tylenol with codeine and they did. CVS central ST would not take the Vicodin back, but directed me to CVS Nelson St to return it .

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All staff were very friendly and super helpful. I was quite nervous and they did everything they could to put my mind at ease.

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Dr. Colarusso was attentive and checked in with me during the entire procedure. His assistant and all of the staff were very kind.

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Amazing place definitely my new dentist awesome people

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Very well run.


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Though Christine at the front desk was a bit cold and abrupt, but she was very polite. Didn't get any warm vibes from her. EVERYONE ELSE WAS ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Doc C was professional and thorough - and very funny. He had an easy, approachable manner. Marian was simply lovely. Both of them put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. They kept asking if I was okay - and I certainly was. They both made me feel safe and in very good hands. I trust the staff in this office because of my last visit in 2018 and because of today. I would recommend this professional office to any friend or family member that was looking for a dental surgeon. I was truly impressed . . . so THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and for making my visit today a very positive experience! Susie Haenisch

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I had a tooth pulled. Was the easiest thing I’ve had done and that includes going for regular cleanings with my primary dentist.

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Emergency appointment was easy to get. Wait time was short. I was made very comfortable and procedure went very smooth.

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Awesome, friendly, professional. Dr Colarusso is the best oral surgeon and great staff.

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It was very easy to book and appointment with the office. The scheduler was very friendly and professional. The Gardner office staff were also very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Doctor Baron explained everything that was happening, was very efficient in the extraction, and discussed further options

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This was a very positive experience for me and I will definitely recommend this practice to friends and family

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Dr. Calarusso and his staff are all amazing. I have had a few extraction in his office and implants as well. They are the best and even though he is not in my insurance network I am willing to pay the extra for the trust that I have in Dr. Calaruso. Even though tooth extractions are not something I look forward to I simply trust that Central MASS Oral Surgery and the whole staff there will make me feel comfortable and at ease with the process. It is worth every penny to trust someone who is doing surgery of any kind and I have found that trust at CMOS.

- Valerie M

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I called 2 days before a major holiday in extensive pain, tooth pain is the worst pain, I believe. I spoke with Tish directly who stated they were booking out well into January. Tish worked through hoops to get me an earlier appointment and through her work she was able to get me an appointment the next day, and first appointment at that. Kristen was fantastic and personable and very responsive. The Doctor who performed the extraction was nice and answered every question I had and made the extraction quite easy and painless. I would 100% overall recommend CMOS. The whole process from the phone call to the visit was painless and each and every staff member was personable and had a smile!

- Tyler Y

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Easy peasy

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As always very friendly. Doctor was very good. His assistant in the room very nice.

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