Post-Operative Sinus Precautions


Eat: Have something substantial to eat before you take pain medication, and try to take some pain medication before the local anesthesia has worn off.

Medications: Please take all of your prescribed medications according to their directions.

Ice: Apply ice to your face adjacent to your surgical site 20 minutes on then 20 minutes off for the first 48 hours to help to minimize any swelling.

Elevate Your Head: Keep your head elevated by using a recliner or several pillows under your head for the next week.


  • Do Not blow your nose for two weeks
  • Try to avoid sneezing if possible, if you must…open mouth sneezing ONLY
  • Avoid strenuous activity for one week
  • Please avoid flying for one week
  • Do not smoke for 2 weeks


  • Use a nasal decongestant such as Sudafed 15mg every six hours for five days, if needed
  • Use Afrin nasal spray, 2 -3 sprays per nostril every 12 hours for 3 days if  needed
  • Use Ocean nasal spray thereafter up to 5 times per day as needed to keep nasal passages moist for one week after surgery
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Swelling: Swelling in the face is NORMAL for the first week

Brushing: Gentle soft brushing of the surgical area can be done after 48 hours. You may resume brushing your unaffected areas right away.

What to Expect:

  • Surgical glue may have been used. It can seem irritating to the tongue and may flake off in a few days….that’s okay
  • Sutures may or may not dissolve in time depending on the closure that is desired.  If they are not dissolvable, we will schedule you to return for a suture removal visit.  Very often we may want to keep the area closed for at least two weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about your healing or post-operative care, please call our office during normal business hours. If you have an Emergency, you can always reach the doctor on-call after hours by calling our office telephone number Leominster Office Phone Number (978) 534-8300