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Most people are born with two frenulum – the tissue that connects your upper lip to your upper gums above your front teeth, and the tissue that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Sometimes, a frenulum develops improperly and can be problematic for a person’s oral function. When the lower frenulum is attached too far forward on the tongue, it can make eating and speaking difficult. When the upper frenulum develops too low, it can cause a gap between the upper front teeth.

Fortunately, our office offers treatment for both of these issues in the form of a frenectomy procedure. A frenectomy is a short procedure designed to remove the frenulum or reposition it in a better spot to improve oral function. The technique and results for your frenectomy will depend on which of your frenulum requires treatment. We encourage you to contact our office for an appointment to learn more. You can also watch the video below to hear more about the patient experience at our office.

“I came to see Dr. Colarusso because I had a tongue tie. Dr. Colarusso – he was talking to me, and then I was just listening, and he did it, and I didn’t even know. And then he was like, “You’re done!” and I was like, “Oh, wow.” At first, my tongue only stuck out to here, and then after, it’s really long now. Dr. Colarusso is very funny, and he’s a very nice person. The staff was very nice, and she helped me get through it and helped me do what I was supposed to do while he was doing the procedure on me. Go to Dr. Colarusso because it’s very quick and only takes two minutes, and it doesn’t hurt at all. You don’t feel anything. Even though the laser looks scary, it’s not. You don’t feel anything at all.”


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Please don't tickle children. That, though I understand, is still inappropriate.

- Carrie B

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