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Cone Beam CT Scan

An image of a CS 9300 scanning system

The use of three-dimensional imaging technology at Central Mass Oral Surgery provides the highest quality of images for our oral surgeons to diagnose oral complications. Dr. Colarusso, Dr. Baran and Dr. Kobakov work to provide the most precise diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to your oral condition. Our practice is home to two offices in Leominster, MA and Gardner, MA for your convenience. Our office staff can assist you with scheduling necessary 3D imaging after your consultation with our top-notch oral surgeons.

Benefits of 3D Imaging Technology

Our oral surgeons use three-dimensional imaging to provide an accurate assessment of a patient’s oral health needs. These X-rays often play a critical role in diagnosing and treating oral pathologies and in surgical planning for dental implant placement, pre-prosthetic surgery, and wisdom teeth removal. 3D CT scanning generates images that are three-dimensional, high definition, and extremely accurate, providing many positive benefits to the entire care team, including

  • Increased accuracy in scans, which reduces any surprises or complications that can occur during a procedure
  • Decreased exposure to radiation as compared to typical X-rays
  • Permits your oral surgeon to be able to share digital scans with your general dentist or physician quickly and easily
  • Allows your oral surgeon to plan your treatment and create any custom-made surgical guides or molds for your procedure

When we perform procedures with precision, accuracy, and efficiency, patients typically enjoy a much more comfortable and complication-free recovery period. When visiting our office for your consultation, our oral surgeons may recommend 3D imaging before the end of your appointment to gather as much information as possible regarding your oral condition. If you’ve already received appropriate imaging at another office, our team is happy to contact your doctor to transfer the X-rays to our practice.

3D Imaging at Central Mass Oral Surgery

When you visit Central Mass Oral Surgery, we guarantee the highest quality patient care from your consultation to the moment you return home. Drs. Colarusso, Baran and Kobakov work hard to stay on top of advanced surgical techniques while providing the most detailed and supportive consultations for your long-term health. To learn more about our services regarding advanced three-dimensional imaging or scheduling inquiries, please contact our one of our offices at Leominster Office Phone Number (978) 534-8300 in Leominster or Gardner Office Phone Number (978) 632-7270 in Gardner.

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