Oral Pathology Reviews

The term oral pathology refers to any disease or infection inside the salivary glands, jaws, and mouth, including small red or white lesions, cysts, oral herpes, and even oral cancer. Not all oral pathologies are severe or cancerous, but it’s important to have any symptoms examined immediately to rule out more serious conditions. If you notice anything unusual that does not go away, we strongly suggest you visit our office.

We offer biopsies and laser treatments for oral pathologies, and your treatment plan will depend on your specific condition. We always take a personalized approach to treatment to ensure your needs are addressed. To hear about the general oral pathology treatment experience and to learn more about our team, please feel free to watch the testimonial videos below.

“I had a saliva gland that was clogged, and they had to fix it because it was causing a bubble in my mouth. I was very nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen or how bad it was for me. Dr. Baran — he went down to the lower half of my mouth and tried to stitch together the gland that was clogged. My recovery was really good. It was really fast. It healed a lot faster than they thought it was going to. Dr. Baran is really funny, and he’s a really nice guy. He helps with everything. The staff is really nice, too. They definitely made a lot of jokes and helped me laugh a little bit so I would feel better and more calm. If any of my friends or family needed to come to an oral surgeon from Harvard, Ayer, or anywhere else, I would tell them to come to Central Mass Oral Surgery.”

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